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Vitamin E

Treated and Coloured
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Vitamin E Shampoo E € 16,90

Provides deep  toning cleansing. With its formula enriched with bio-active moisturizers like Argan and Aloe gives a natural moisture to the hair. Reinforcing, moisturizing and toning effect


Vitamin E Conditioner € 16,90

Treated and colored hair is often bleached, free of volume and difficult to comb. The Vitamin E Conditioner with every wash  performs a toning and detangling action. Thanks to its formula with moisturizing active ingredients it makes hair soft  and full of energy. Facilitates combing making hair easy to style. Reinforcing, moisturizing and toning effect



VITAMIN E Mask € 21,90

Concentrated Mask for treated and colored hair care. Regenerating effect. Contains BIO

components such as Aloe and Argan Oil. Vitamin E plays an important antioxidant role and protects hair from chemical treatments and atmospheric attacks. Reinforcing, moisturizing and toning effect